Continuing on from our last blog post, I wanted to delve more into the psychological benefits of listening to music.

The next one is one that I wanted to explore more into and had never really heard before, about music helping with weightloss?!


so lets explore:

NUMBER 3: Music Can Help You Lose Weight!

If you are trying to lose weight, listening to mellow music and dimming the lights might help you achieve your goals.

According to one study, people who ate at low-lit restaurants where soft music was played consumed 18 percent less food than those who ate in other restaurants.

The researchers suggest that music and lighting help create a more relaxed setting. Since the participants were more relaxed and comfortable, they may have consumed their food more slowly and have been more aware of when they began to feel full.

You might try putting this into practice by playing soft music at home while you eat dinner. By creating a relaxing setting, you may be more likely to eat slowly and, therefore, feel fuller sooner.

This is particularly interesting if you see the lighting in certain restaurants. Fast food chains always seem to have very bright lighting and it is  often when people can over order and over eat. Had you ever noticed the lighting in restaurants before and have you ever noticed a difference in how you eat in them?

NUMBER 4: Music Can Improve Your Memory

Now this topic I have spoken about quite a lot in my blog so this is no shock to me, however,a study found that musically trained students tended to perform better on learning tests when they listened to neutral music.

Musically naive students, on the other hand, learned better when listening to positive music, possibly because these songs elicited more positive emotions without interfering with memory formation.

Another study found that participants learning a new language showed improvement in their knowledge and abilities when they practiced singing new words and phrases versus just regular speaking or rhythmic speaking.

So while music may have an effect on memory, results may vary depending on the individual. If you tend to find yourself distracted by music, you may be better off learning in silence or with neutral tracks playing in the background.

I find if I am doing anything involving calculations or needing high concentration levels, it is best for me to listen to music I don’t know so I don’t find my mind following the melody.