The Detroit Youth Choir rocked the world stage when they were given the Golden Buzzer at America’s Got Talent in 2019.

Their mission statement on their website is very simple

“… to offer youth in the Metropolitan Detroit area a world-class performing arts experience that develops their creative skills and talents through music education, dance, and theatrical arts.”

And after watching the video you will agree that what they provide is pure joy. Simply!

I wanted to write about them as I really believe in the importance of building up our youth and giving them the tools to express themselves and to be creative. This group is the perfect example of that. They are  vital for the community and inspiring the young to be outgoing, interact with each other, and enjoy things like music that they may not have access to otherwise.

More and more with social media and other pressures, young people seem unable to communicate face to face and interact with other people but groups like these are re-educating people to be people! And all of them seem to be having so much fun doing it!

The Detroit Youth Choir are also the perfect example of how uplifting music is- I don’t think there is anyone out there who wasn’t smiling when watching them perform. The power of music is so strong, and their singing and the music was infectious, elevating people in the audience, and the judges to give them the Golden Buzzer- an honour only bestowed on a few!


I hope this video made you smile . It did us here at Key Lessons and re-enforces why we do what we do!