Music has a wide range of possible career choices. I know when I was growing up my parents weren’t too keen on me becoming a Musician, but in reality, it has become my career, even though it may not necessarily be the image they had of me teaching private piano lessons.¬†¬†Whilst it is a very good career choice, there is a plethora of alternative jobs out there that one with musical talent and training could apply themselves to. The list below might help to stir some ideas for one looking into music as a career:

  • Music therapist

  • Composer/Arranger- film, tv, pop songs, musicals etc

  • Orchestral Musician-play in gigs, shows (operas, musicals, pantomimes etc)

  • Music producer

  • Singer – opera, pop, jazz etc

  • DJ

  • Session musician

  • Sound/recording engineer

  • Music teacher- private or in schools

  • Music journalist/critic

  • A&R Rep/Talent Scout

  • develop a music app

  • Music software developer

  • Music editor

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