Online vs Private Lessons

//Online vs Private Lessons

Online vs Private Lessons








We all know why learning online is beneficial: watching videos means you can learn whenever you want, for however long you want, for free.

Learning via Skype has also become a popular method as it cuts costs but why do these methods fail everytime?

Because of so many reasons:



  • Having a teacher see you every week spurs a natural human reaction to want to impress and not to look silly. To prevent that, we want to seem capable and will either do our homework because we know someone is coming to check us on it or because we don’t want to look foolish when the teacher comes.Having online lessons loses that sense of nervousness as you never really meet the tutor and so don’t have to prepare to the same level.

  • A teacher seeing with their own eyes how you use your fingers is something that cannot be seen online to great detail and sometimes it is just easier to show someone yourself on the instrument rather than describe with words what they should be doing. This is particularly so with children.

  • Youtube videos are particularly dangerous in learning. Who is the person teaching you? I once taught a student who was very talented but had been watching Youtube videos to learn the piano. He watched an American person and told me what he had learnt. Unbeknownst to  him, the U.S. have a specialised system for music which the UK does not use so he had to re-learn everything he thought he knew in a totally knew way which threw him off so much he eventually quit learning the piano.The Youtuber had also taught him all the wrong theory which was unfortunately seen by near 500,000 subscribers as well as my student.Most music teachers have qualifications and references for you to check before you start lessons- that is something that Youbtubers don’t have to provide before making a video

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