Jane got to grade 5 flute when she was a teenager. Due to her GCSE examinations, she put her music tuition to one side. She had every intention of re-starting her lessons, but found that her A levels, university, work and now family life had all taken priority and she never managed to get back into it. She said that now her children are a little older she can focus on herself a little more and number one on that list was getting back into the flute.

Key Lessons provided Jane with a tutor who was able to deal patiently with someone who had limited time to practice and gaps in their learning. Jane has been having consistent lessons since 2015 and in 2017 had firm aims to join her community Orchestra. She had developed her flute skills to a very good standard and was confident in her ability to audition and perform amongst the community orchestra. She hadn’t taken grades this time around but her Key Lessons tutor had estimated that she was around grade 5 playing level. Jane was extremely good at practicing her sight reading and developed very quick reading skills. She was required to play one piece and sight-read another for her orchestra audition.

So Jane decided to perform a medley of Georges Bizet – Minuet from L’Arlésienne Suite No. 2 and  Debussy’s Prélude à l’aprés-midi d’un faune.

The Bizet song is for piano and flute and the Key Lessons tutor was also a pianist and so kindly offered to attend the audition with Jane and accompany her for this piece.

The Key Lessons tutor also calmed Jane’s nerves by attending the audition as she was anxious about it. She was also a little insecure that she hadn’t gone through the traditional system of grades and having learnt music since she was young. The Key Lessons tutor reassured her that her talent would speak for itself and that should she need any formal training then that option is available to her but currently there was no need!

After the audition Jane waited two weeks to find out the good news- she got in!

After a few performances with the community orchestra, Jane realised she had a real flare for performing and learning music quickly .She now wanted to see where she could take her talent.

She has been looking at joining various orchestras including for her borough or for specific theatres and their entry requirements . Jane has said she will continue to have lessons as she adores the flute and has a strong bond with her tutor. She has said’ there is never enough time that you can spend playing the flute and your never ever stop learning !’.

Jane has been such a great student and a real demonstration that music really is a truly special and life changing thing!


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