Bruno was a 5-year-old boy whose parents had noticed he had an interest in percussion instruments. He loved to play his toy Xylophone and other instruments that he could strike. Being totally new to the world of music lessons, they called Key Lessons seeking a trial for a few different instruments. With the information given about their son’s attraction towards percussion instruments, Key Lessons provided a tutor who was able to teach the drums, guitar, djembe (African drum) and piano. The tutor was able to bring the djembe and guitar over for the trial lesson and the parents had a small keyboard that had tucked away in the loft.

The trial lesson was essentially to see which instrument Bruno was naturally drawn to. He immediately loved the djembe.

The tutor also asked to see Bruno play his xylophone. As soon as he started playing this, the tutor immediately knew that he would also be a great drum kit student- his rhythm and natural flair on the xylophone could easily be transferred to a drum kit!

After a discussion, the parents decided that they would pursue drum lessons for Bruno. They were totally lost about where to a drum kit from and also were really worried about the noise it would make.

The Key Lessons tutor provided the parents with links to reputable companies selling electric drum kits: this way Bruno could use headphones to control the noise and the sound was minimized as the entire kit is made differently to an acoustic kit.

The parents were still worried about the floor being hit and making noise and so the tutor recommended using some specialised padding they could put on the floor to reduce damage to the floor as well as absorb the sound made from the pedals.

Delivery for the proposed item was quick and lessons started almost 1 week later.

Bruno has been a regular student since 2016 and is going from strength to strength within his lessons. He has been looking to join a junior band within his local area. He has also asked his teachers at school if they would help to ask other school students if they would be interested in forming a band at school.

Bruno has been an exceptional student for Key Lessons. He has great passion and natural adoration for percussion.

He has started having lessons on the djembe and his parents have spoken to us about their next summer holiday being to Africa so Bruno can see the drums being used there!


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