Chloe had got to grade 5 piano when she was a teenager and had stopped learning due to her commitment to her education. As she turned 30 she unfortunately lost her grandmother, but to her surprise, was left a gift. Chloe’s grandmother had left her a beautiful antique piano.

Remembering how much she loved the piano, Chloe approached Key Lessons for private music lessons after work.

Chloe was not very interested in doing grades but more brushing up on the skills she had forgotten and getting herself back to a level that she felt happy with.

Chloe started lessons with a tutor who was patient, calm and made lessons fun.

Chloe told the tutor the piano reminded her of her grandmother (who first introduced her to playing the piano in the first place) and in some ways it made her feel close to her still. It also gave her a wonderful sense of personal achievement and de-stressed her from a day at work.

After several months of lessons Chloe realized that she had achieved so much more than she thought she could and wanted to enter herself in for her grade 3 exam. This was just a personal test for her and a goal she wanted to work towards.

She passed with flying colours scoring 135 -a Distinction! This got Chloe thinking- she always wanted to work in music but didn’t pursue it when she was younger. She wanted to help others and always had an interest in music therapy- music used in a way to help those affected by injury, illness or disability.

She looked into what was required in order to become a music therapist and knew immediately that she wanted to do it.

She had a lot of work to do- its extremely difficult to be accepted onto a music therapy course and the entry requirements are high.

Chloe worked tirelessly after work to achieve her grades one by one and enrolled on music therapy introduction courses at the weekend.

After training as much as she could while in full-time employment, Chloe eventually applied to a full-time music therapy course. She had achieved all the academic requirements and also had to audition for the role. She worked extensively with her Key Lessons tutor to pick the right piece to showcase her talent.

With great pleasure Chloe announced that she was accepted into the course- where she is still currently training. She says is finding the course challenging but rewarding. She is forever grateful to her grandmother for giving her the piano as it was the start of the beginning of a new life for her!


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