Often, even if two siblings are learning different instruments, there can be competition between the two which can be a struggle for some parents to deal with. Here are some tips as to how to deal with it if it is becoming a worry!

  1. If the siblings/ friends are learning the same instrument, change one o f them to learn a different instrument, from a different musical family (woodwind, percussion, strings etc). this can help avoid direct competition of ‘ I can play this’  type behaviour.

  2. If they are learning the same instruments then avoid using the same books –they will naturally progress at different times so make sure they each have their own book that they can claim as theres.

  3. Schedule lessons on different days – There is a serious convenience factor when music lessons are on the same day but if you have extremely competitive siblings music lessons on different days can work wonders.

Try these and if you need any more help, contact www.keylessons.co.uk /info@keylessons.co.uk for more help!