According to the Associated Board of Royal School of Music (ABRSM), the instruments ranked in their  percentage of examinations in 2014 were as follows:
  • Piano 28%
  • Recorder 28%

  • Drum kit 14%

  • Guitar 13%

  • Violin 12%

  • Percussion 6%

Were you surprised by the results there?

Key Lessons has enquiries for all musical instruments, but it would be considered that Piano, Guitar and Drums are the most sought after musical lessons. Popular doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn it though- we have had requests of the the Indian instrument the Sitar, the African Djembe, the ukulele (usually over shadowed by its sister the Guitar) and lots of other instruments.

Many private schools take musical extra curricular achievements as a great accolade towards an application- by they don’t specify that it has to be a popular instrument, so why not try something new today?! Check out for more information!