Music is a brilliant career choice and the choices of what you can do within the music industry are wide and cater to all personality types-whether you want to be the lead singer in a band or an engineer in a studio, there is plenty to choose from!
Have a look at my list below for some ideas of what kind of careers you could have with music
  • Music producer
  • DJ
  • Vocalist
  • Band member
  • Song writer
  • Record Producer
  • Music Agent
  • Recording Engineer
  • Music production
  • A&R Co-ordintor
  • Background Singer
  • Composer
  • Music Teacher
  • Music Therapist
  • Radio DJ
  • Musical Director
  • Program Director
  • Session Musician
  • Conductor
  • Music Journalist
  • Orchestral member
  • School Music teacher

Music is a great career choice- you can be self-employed and therefore be your own boss, work doing something you love , and work with great minds creating something new and brilliant.

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