I started playing the  piano at 7  years old, when my uncle bought me a keyboard. I had never had a lesson but the next morning, my mother came down the stairs and I had taught myself some nursery rhymes. I quickly started lessons and got to Grade 8 within 10 years of dedicated studying. It was fair to say that I was obsessed with the piano- practicing everyday for 30 minutes before school and between grades 5-8, practicing for an hour, every day, without fail. I just don’t remember a time without the piano in my life.

Some 30 years later I still play and music is my livelihood. I just went to see Hans Zimmer live (a movie score composer) and it was one of the best nights of my life. The connection between music and emotion is timeless and one that Key Lessons strives to provide. A reason I love Hans Zimmer so much is that he has been able to connect music to the public effortlessly.His epic sounds mean that even a novice can gel with what they are hearing , and FEEL . I think that has to be my favourite thing about music; thats it makes me feel. Its a joy to run a company where I know I am helping others to get this priceless gift. I get so many phone calls from adults who stopped learning music when they were younger and they realise how much time they have wasted not continuing with their lessons.

I know I didn’t have a plan to have music be my livelihood, but it has worked out that it has!

Music can be anyones -it brings joy , peace, happiness and feeling. I love everything that Music is and hopefully if you’re having lessons with us, you do too!