I know it can be hard when you have been lessons for a while and your child is not practicing or showing music enthusiasm towards an instrument. My top tip here is to a) bargain with them (practice 4 times a week and you get ….) or b) change the instrument family/ teacher as that often changes the dynamic in what they are learning.  Here are 5 of the many reasons why you should NOT let your quit eventually quit their  music lessons!

1.  Regret eventually surfaces.

I always have enquiries from people saying that they got to a pretty good level when they were younger but they quit and now they regret it. Don’t let this be your child!

     2.  Practice breeds discipline.

Learning to practice a musical instrument starts great disciplinary behavior in a person. It allows them to achieve something for themselves that everyone that they know from school is doing and sets great habits up for future achievements.

     3.  Commitment is a learned trait.

Your child observes from a very young age whether or not you take commitment seriously according to how you handle their practice and lesson attendance.  If they learn values like persistence, commitment, consistency and can try to apply that themselves in regular practice etc then they will learn how to commit easier in general life.

4.  Self Esteem flourishes.

Imagine having to perform in front of your friends, family, fairs, to your examiner and maybe a concert hall… All this needs a sense of self- confidence and when you know you have worked hard on something and can do it well, you exude a sense of self- confidence that is a great characteristic in life. Learning an instrument boosts peoples self – confidence and keep people away from depression.

     5.  Future instruments are more easily learned.

If you stick at learning one instrument and are good at it, its so much easier to take that confidence and knowledge to another instrument. Even if you think that your child isn’t very good at that instrument, changing the instrument can help and the general music knowledge and passion can be extended from the previous instrument to  the new one.

(Article adapted from https://ruthiegray.mom/shouldnt-let-your-child-quit-piano-lessons/)