Learning The Guitar

Have you ever wanted to play the guitar like Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, Ed Sheeran or maybe Sheryl Crow?  Well now is your chance with our one-to-one tutor packages.

The guitar is an instrument which is played by ‘strumming’ or ‘plucking’ and ‘fretting’. ‘Strumming ’ or ’plucking’  the strings is done with either a  guitar pick (plectrum) or the finger(s) . ‘Fretting’ is known as pressing the strings against the fretted fingerboard with the fingers . it is a very popular instrument to learn and is incorporated into most popular music. There are many different types of guitar, including Acoustic, Classical, Bass and Electric.

We offer lessons in all types of guitar and offer a free trial to every enquiry.

A Recent Guitar Case Study

Are You Ready To Learn?

    Ive always wanted to learn the piano from a young age and thought that I had left it too late. But having taken regular classes with Key Lessons Ltd, they made me feel so comfortable and really positive about it all, that I really look forward to when I see my tutor every week and never want the lesson to end. I never feel rushed and can take it at my own pace too. So glad I decided to book with Key Lessons and would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to take up a musical instrument – its never too late to start

    A. Khan

    Key Lessons is truly an exceptional example of fantastic service and uber professionalism. Their bespoke tailor-made lessons have improved my sons piano skills beyond our expectations and within months he was so much better than he had ever been over the years of learning.     I strongly recommend Key Lessons services as the most trust worthy investment one can make to further their child’s skills and learning in any spheres of musical performance that her company offers.

    K. Larentiva

    As an adult learner I was nervous about learning an instrument from scratch and worried I wouldn’t find a teacher able to work around my schedule. Key lessons were very focussed on finding the right teacher to suit not only my schedule, but also my personality. I look forward to lessons every week and can see my progression only after a few short months. I would highly recommend Key Lessons to any learner at whatever age!

    G. Rhodes

    Don’t hesitate to ask about the FREE TRIAL- it’s important to us to get you the right teacher, and it won’t cost you a penny to find them!