Mario called Key Lessons feeling a little bit lost as he knew his 5 year old son wanted to have guitar lessons but he didn’t have a clue where to start.  He didn’t have a guitar or know what size to buy and so asked Key Lessons for a free trial for the tutor to assess this and help answer all his questions. The tutor brought his own guitar and a junior sized one for the child to use during the trial lesson.

With a free trial lesson the Key Lessons tutor was able to provide him with a few links to purchasing some reasonably priced guitars online. The tutor suggested a ¼ size guitar from a reputable seller who shipped a guitar to Mario within days. Mario booked lessons straight away and so the lessons begun.

Mario knew that his child had a very short attention span and learning anything new was going to be struggle for a whole 30 minutes. By creating sticker charts and  including singing games into the lessons, the tutor  was able to engage the student for the entire lesson whilst keeping the games music orientated. Mario said that his son asked every week when the guitar teacher was coming and the enthusiasm has not waned some 3 years later. Mario’s son has decided to take Graded exams via the Rock School and we are proud to say that he passed his grade 1 with Distinction and his Grade 2 with Merit.

He is now working towards his Grade 3 but taking a 6 month break just to learn his favourite pop and Christmas songs so he can practice something fun in between the exam preparation songs. Mario says that his son practices every day without being asked and starts off with the ‘fun’ songs as a warm up and then focuses on his grade material. He says it has been so rewarding seeing his son be so dedicated to his guitar. Marios son has even said that one he would like to be a guitar tutor when he grows up which made Key Lessons and the tutor very happy and proud !

Mario has now asked for the tutor to teach him after  he teaches his son every week as he can see the joy music has given his son. The tutor has only been teaching Mario for 6 months but he has already shown great progress. The idea now is to have a duet that Mario and his son can play and for them to bond over what they have learnt in guitar lessons and share an  understanding of music . The father and son have since been going to concerts together, music conventions and guitar shops to see the latest products and have commented on a closer bond through music!


Don’t hesitate to ask about the FREE TRIAL- it’s important to us to get you the right teacher, and it won’t cost you a penny to find them!

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