The Greats: Mozart

  I want to dedicate a section of this blog to some Greats in musical history. Whether you recognise them as Stevie Wonder, Beethoven or Barbara Streisand, there is no denying that Mozart changed the [...]

Giving Kids the Golden Buzzer

  The Detroit Youth Choir rocked the world stage when they were given the Golden Buzzer at America's Got Talent in 2019. Their mission statement on their website is very simple​ "... to [...]

Why NOT to stop lessons over the summer

I know it is easier for many people to stop lessons over the summer- due to holidays, loss of the regular routine, limited time and so on, but in 16 years of teaching Piano I [...]

Music Is A Language- Right?

I often describe learning Music for the first time, as if you were learning Chinese (if you don’t already and only speak English!)- it takes a long time to learn the language, you need to [...]

Why Private Tuition Wins- Everytime!

Key Lessons proudly offers private tuition to its clients. I have been a private and group tutor since 2000 and the results of a student privately tutored greatly outweighs the pro’s of a group lesson. [...]

The Greats: John Williams

Let's discuss the musical force that is, John Williams. Unlike the other 'greats' i have spoken about previously on this blog, he is not someone I can miss off the list as a 'great' composer. [...]

What Kind Of Career Could I Have In Music?

Music is a brilliant career choice and the choices of what you can do within the music industry are wide and cater to all personality types-whether you want to be the lead singer in a [...]

New year, new you?

The beginning of a new year holds great promise. It provides an opportunity for us to leave “in the past” any short comings and try again something new and to take it to a new [...]

Online vs Private Lessons

              We all know why learning online is beneficial: watching videos means you can learn whenever you want, for however long you want, for free. Learning via Skype has also [...]

5 Famous Siblings And Their Story

As in the post previous to this, sometimes dealing with siblings who are competing with each other to be the ‘better’ musician in the family can be a struggle, but read these 5 examples of [...]

Sibling Rivalry And How To Deal With It

Often, even if two siblings are learning different instruments, there can be competition between the two which can be a struggle for some parents to deal with. Here are some tips as to how to [...]

Why you SHOULD Take Music Lessons

Music is amazing- it speaks to all nationalities and is loved by pretty much everyone. There are so many reasons why music is wonderful but here are my top 5! 1. Music is forever. The [...]

Why I Love Music So Much

I started playing the  piano at 7  years old, when my uncle bought me a keyboard. I had never had a lesson but the next morning, my mother came down the stairs and I had [...]

The Teaching Makes All The Difference

I remember when I was sitting my grade5. I was terrible at sight reading and I had a teacher who militantly made me have sight reading lessons- no fun, nothing else, just sight reading. And [...]

What Is It Like Running Key Lessons?

Day to day running of Key Lessons is hard work and very admin heavy. I have to make sure that every  client is happy and that lessons are going well on both sides . I [...]

Don’t Live With Regret- Get Lessons Today!

I get many phone calls from people saying that they had music lessons when they were child and that they were pretty good- then they became distracted with school work, friends, a social life etc....but [...]

What Inspired You To Set Up Key Lessons?

I started Key Lessons Ltd when I found that as a full time piano teacher I was at capacity but still wanted to make sure that these new enquiries were sent to competent tutors . You [...]

ABRSM or Trinity?

The Associated Board of Royal Schools of music is probably an examination board you would have heard of. It is renowned amongst musicians and non-musicians and so is usually the first examination board that people [...]

Scientific Benefits Of Learning Music

Scientists have long proven the benefits of music : it lowers blood pressure, it increases memory , reduces stress and anxiety, it helps you to sleep better, workout better and some go as far as to [...]

Practice Tips!

Ok. So you've got yourself to your instrument and you're about the play . But what do you start with? If you're learning a song I always say to start with playing your song(s) through [...]

What Career Options Are There In Music?

I often have parents say to me that they don’t want to push their child into music because thy feel there are no job prospects out there . I would have to say that I 100% [...]

How Young Is Too Young?

I get asked this question all the time . I have to say it’s completely individual . I have taught lessons to 5 year olds who can have a one hour lesson and then 9 year [...]

Exams-Should You Take Them?

Exams are a fantastic way to make sure that there aren't any gaps in your learning . Depending on where you might want music to go on your life , this will be key to [...]

How To Calm Nerves Before An Exam

There was not a single exam that I took for piano that I wasn't extremely nervous for. Even when doing my grade 8, being 20 years old and knowing that I was a competent player, [...]

Music As A Career

Music has a wide range of possible career choices. I know when I was growing up my parents weren't too keen on me becoming a Musician, but in reality, it has become my career, even [...]

Grade 8 done- what’s next?

If you're passionate , determined and quite frankly talented enough to have gotten to grade 8 in an instrument, then first of all well done . You are a rare person indeed with a very [...]

How Long Should You Practice For?

Practice for adults is very different than practice for children ; so let me divide this entry into sections : Kids : I would say any child up to 7 years old should practice 20 mins [...]

Getting Rid Of Bad Habits

I think we all know what my answer is going to be and you're not going to like it: PRACTICE! It's the simplest answer to this,however is not as simple as that !... Bad habits can [...]

Getting More Practice In

Adult life is busy and it's often hard to find time to fit everything in. But if you want to , you will. Most people have the time, just don't want to prioritise learning to it [...]

Which Instrument Should I Learn?

If you're not lucky enough to know which instrument you want to learn but know that you have a musical side , this question is for you. I particularly get asked this question from parents who sense [...]

Lost In Music- Where To Start!

I get many phone calls from people seeming quite lost at the thought of getting music tuition. Many questions arise , including is it too late to learn ? What instrument do I buy? If you're [...]

Why I Started Key Lessons

Hi everyone. My name is Della .  I am the Company Owner and Founder of Key Lessons Limited. I wanted to start blogging to answer many of your questions; particularly if the world of music lessons [...]


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