Struggling what to get someone for Christmas?! Why not

get them music lessons?!


Think about it: Their new years resolution to learn a musical instrument is now complete!

With Christmas fast approaching, you’re probably shopping everywhere to find perfect gifts for the kids, family members, friends or your partner. If you want to give something fun and engaging that’s pretty cool and useful, you might like to consider music lessons.

Key Lessons offers a free trial for every new client as well as face to face or online lessons around YOUR schedule so now is the perfect time to get someone you love a gift they will never forget!

It is the perfect time of year to purchase second hand musical instruments as everyone gets rid of their old in preparation for Santa’s new gifts, so its a great time to find a bargain !



While they can be difficult to learn, it doesn’t take too long for most people to get more confident at playing a musical instrument. Being able to string a few cords together is amazing. Learning how to hit the right beat on a set of drums can be an exhilarating feeling.



Encouraging creativity is really important for personal development. Whether it’s playing in a band or learning an instrument, there’s actually a good deal of evidence that music training can have a significant impact on learning in general and improving memory.

For example, one study showed that students who had music lessons had higher SAT scores than those who didn’t.

As a student’s musical talent begin to develop, it naturally leads to greater creativity. Someone who learns to play the guitar may start writing their own music and experiment with lyrics. This kind of creativity often spills over into other activities such as art.

We often get focused on possessions and things, especially at Christmas times. What really makes us happy, however, are great experiences.

And you could even get lessons for yourself so you can both share the experience of learning an instrument together!


Learning an instrument or working on your vocals is often seen as a solitary pursuit but learning about music is also a great opportunity to build communication skills and develop social networks.

We often see people of all ages coming together to form long-lasting relationships and sharing and learning from each other- whether you stay friends from the school choir, or from the council orchestra!

Their enthusiasm for music and friendship is something they can take with them through the rest of their lives. Children who have been learning an instrument on their own often suddenly find a renewed excitement and eagerness once they start playing in a band with others.

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