Online learning is a very popular method of tuition all around the world for various reasons. You might be interested to know about the top 6 benefits of online learning- so here is a comprehensive list for you! If you have anymore ideas, feel free to write in and less us know your thoughts!

1. It makes classroom training more effective

Some training is impossible outside of a classroom environment. Blended learning gives you the opportunity to reinforce the classroom training through the LMS and combat the dreaded ‘Forgetting Curve’. Since almost everyone carries a mobile device nowadays, you can also incorporate your learning platform into the training sessions themselves. Your instructors can launch live tests at regular intervals throughout the session. Your learners can then complete these tests on their mobile or tablet and give the instructor a better idea

of where the biggest knowledge gaps are.

2. It’s cheaper than classroom training

Key Lessons offers online lessons at a discounted rate to one-on-one lessons. This is to make sure the tutor is paid fairly but as they don’t have to spend their time or money travelling, it is at a reasonably discounted rate to represent that.

3. It can be better value for money

Given that you are already paying less for lessons , teachers can also send you emails and information from online sources for you to access . Therefore you could potentially have more material at your fingertips!

5. Students are more consistent

Studies show that students are more likely to miss a physical lesson due to a variety of factors (like travel complications, sickness etc) whereas they will miss lessons if the lessons are available online. Similarly, if someone is sick, they are more likely to attend an online lesson even though they are sick , even if they were the same level of sickness but needed to travel or see the person face to face.

6. It can  improve communication

Many young students in face to face lessons who do not understand an instruction will copy the hand placement of the tutor in a music lesson and pretend they have understood. With online lessons, students have been found to be more honest in not comprehending material or placement on a musical instrument and so communication has to be good in order for it to go well. Therefore communication skills seem to improve the longer a student has online lessons!