If you’re thinking of moving onto sitting exams,how do you know if you or your child is ready?

My first answer is ask your teacher . They will know whether you have mastered the foundation of what is needed before starting to prepare for everything that graded exams throw at you .

There are preparation books made by examination boards that check to see if you know what is needed to enter into an exam. These have test examples of what you will enventually be doing in the exam- scales, pieces, sight reading etc.

I know a lot of teachers actually teach the student the theory via the grade 1 book, rather than going through the prep book first and then learning it.

Exams vary in requirement from board to board. I would check out each board depending on what you want from them- ABRSM for example ask students of all instruments to sing in the exam (which I know a lot of students aren’t keen on!) whereas Trinity is not recognised as an extra curricular activity by some private schools.

Exams are a great way to give focus and motivation to a student. It enables you to quantify your level and make sure you cover all the theory of music whilst achieving a grade and improving your skills. They push you to train as well, to give time to music and to be proud of yourself when you pass the exam!

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