Key Lessons proudly offers private tuition to its clients. I have been a private and group tutor since 2000 and the results of a student privately tutored greatly outweighs the pro’s of a group lesson. I  came across this article which sums up my findings very eloquently:



A big question that often comes with private tuition is whether private one-to-one tuition is the best way forward – or is group tuition the way to go? More parents than ever are paying for private tuition to top up their children’s education, to ensure they can compete with their peers and secure a better future.


Private tuition is something parents consider for many reasons including:

  • Extra help understanding topics that they may struggle with
  • Exam preparation
  • To learn something new
  • To boost a child’s self-esteem
  • To increase confidence


When thinking about whether to opt for a one-to-one tutor or group tuition for your child, there are plenty of pros and cons that can be argued for each but the answer is simple. One-to-one tuition gets better results, but coupled with some group tuition could be the perfect solution.

What is one-to-one tuition?

This style of tuition is essentially when a child has the full attention of a tutor in that the lesson involves just the child and the tutor. These lessons are normally conducted in a home, either the child’s or the tutor’s, and can be as often as once or twice a week.

The benefits of one-to-one tuition

The benefits of one-to-one tuition are endless, but the fact that your child will have the full attention of his private tutor is probably the most prominent. This also leads to a stronger relationship with the tutor, whereby your child will be able to build up trust and feel more comfortable when attending their private classes. Other benefits include:

  • More focussed attention for your child
  • Personalised teaching for your child’s needs
  • Your child can study at his/her own pace
  • No Travelling:.The tutor will often come to your home so travelling is eliminated saving time for other activities
  • Flexibility with lesson scheduling
  • More emotional support
  • Customised lesson and exam preparation



Millions of UK children now have private tuition and the trend is growing…fast. An article from The Guardian earlier this year stated:”The proportion of tutored pupils has risen by more than a third over the past decade, from 18% in 2005 to 25% now. In London, 44% of pupils had private or home tuition last year, compared with 34% in 2005. The number of tutors offering their services has burgeoned, as has the number of tuition agencies.

13th November 2015 by Anna Michaelidou



We understand that group lessons are more social and often less expensive, but it becomes a false economy to pay less per lesson only to need to have more lessons than someone who is privately tutored. Competeition can become very unhealthy in group lessons and unfortunately, someone is always compromising (usually the brightest person in the class as they wait for the others to catch up).

We at Key Lessons are happy to provide excellent tutors at reasonable rates to make sure that you chose private tuition EVERYTIME to benefit yourself the most, today!







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