Scientists have long proven the benefits of musicĀ : it lowers blood pressure, it increases memory , reduces stress and anxiety, it helps you to sleep better, workout better and some go as far as to say it makes you cleverer!

The benefits on peoples’ memory was found to exist even on those who no plunger played a musical instrument!

Music reduces stress and relieves anxiety- for me personally I know when I was taking my GCSE’s I was really stressed and the only thing that could calm me was bashing out a song on the piano for 30 minutes (at the time my grade 5 pieces) and I would walk out the room a different person! A more relaxed and ready to give my studies a-go kind of person!

For those who have suffered loss or hardships, music is often a way to help work through that pain and ease it. Often people are afraid to express emotions in every day life, but will burst into tears when they hear or play their favourite song. In many cases I have seen families who have lost a loved one turn to music lessons and one by one they grieve in a very healthy way that makes them connect the music to the loved one and feel connected to them in some way still.

Music helps you to focus, to relax, to be positive and happy – the list goes on and on!