Music is amazing- it speaks to all nationalities and is loved by pretty much everyone. There are so many reasons why music is wonderful but here are my top 5!

1. Music is forever. The ability to make music, is something you can do throughout your lifetime. Playing the guitar at 80? Absolutely! With ease, and a smile on your face.

2. Making music brings people together because instruments–traditional ones at least–don’t play by themselves. If you can play an instrument, you will have friends and likely some admirers as well. Over time, you will also find friends interested in making music together with you!

3. Making music is immensely enjoyable. The learning process does

require a concentrated effort to develop and maintain your skills. But at the end of a tricky practice session, what remains is your passion for music and love of the instrument.

4. Making music offers sanctity and peace from stressful life situations- whether it be school, exams, relationships or work- music is calming and takes all your problems away!

5. Music lessons improve concentration, memory and prevents Alzheimer’s. Concentrating, learning and keep to memory a piece of music helps improve your minds ability to function in general but in particular improve your memory and help concentration. Scientific studies have proven that Alzheimer’s is prevented or slowed down in its approach by learning a musical instrument- at any age in your life, not just as a child!

So what are you waiting for- sign up to music lessons today and get your free trial with