Key lessons gets a large influx of sign ups in January, from a range of people , ages and levels .

One thing I notice (and it’s more with adult students)  is that because it tends to be along the lines of a New Years resolution , it can be something that doesn’t stick .

I think this is often to do with expectations.

 I won’t lie – learning music is going to be harder than you thought . There are so many layers to music and often when you feel you have just mastered one thing, there is just so much more to learn . This can often feel overwhelming.

I would give yourself time . Allocate a time every week for lessons and at least two more times a week where you practice . Also try to learn something on your own or for fun –  a party song is always good !

Also manage your expectation of what level you will be after 6 months – because most probably you will still only be getting used to the instrument and may not have even started using both hands yet ( if learning the piano).  Sight reading is like learning another language , and to be fair so is music, so know that a lot of practice and frustration is to be expected and most importantly , DONT GIVE UP! When the going gets tough, keep going. Music is priceless in its gifts and is worth all the hard work- trust me!