If you’re not lucky enough to know which instrument you want to learn but know that you have a musical side , this question is for you.

I particularly get asked this question from parents who sense their child is musical but don’t know what instrument they should start to learn .

My advice if you’re an adult is to listen to your favourite 10 songs and really listen. What parts of the song really appeal to you ? The melody? The voice ? The beat?… these are all clues as to what instruments you gravitate to. With Key Lessons Ltd you can always try an instrument for a few weeks and try another should you feel you’re trying to learn the wrong instrument for you.

With children I would access their ability to use both hands, see how well their rhythm is and if they can sing in tune . Again this is a clue towards what instruments they would be more suited for . As a piano teacher all my life I am biased towards the piano, but also I have seen the difficulties of a student going from a single clef  instrument to a double clef and so tend to say to start them on the piano, a double clef instrument, so if they change instruments it tends to be easier rather than harder (the piano uses two clefs, the Treble and the Bass, so you have to use both hands at the same time, whereas some other instruments only use one at a time. This is often seen as easier, but also different instruments use different technique to produces sound so that has to be taken into account). Also you can get a beautiful sound out of the piano in the first lesson so it has a high satisfaction rate, particularly with children, however it takes many lessons to get a nice sound out of a Flute, Trumpet or Violin for example.

 If you are unsure that’s what we are for . Music teachers with experience who can point you in the right direction so don’t be afraid to ask !