I get many phone calls from people seeming quite lost at the thought of getting music tuition. Many questions arise , including is it too late to learn ? What instrument do I buy? If you’re a parent , is my child suited for lessons ? are they too young?Etc

My first piece of advice is not to worry. Each step is really simple and logical so you don’t need to worry at this stage .

Finding a tutor is the first step.Companies like Key Lessons make things easier for you as we match your personality and learning style to a tutor who will make you enjoy your lessons as well as learn. all you need to do is call!

If you’re an adult , you are never too old to start or revisit music lessons . In fact, the older you are the better it is to keep learning things and keeping your mind active as it gives you purpose and prevents many diseases, including dementia. I would always recommend 1 hour lessons for adults, as they can take in so much more than children and it takes longer to feel like you have progressed                                                         with your lesson!

For children I think 2/3 years old is the youngest to start; depending on your child’s ability to concentrate . I have worked with 5 year olds who have the same concentration as a 15 year old so it’s a very individual thing. The shortest lesson length available with Key Lessons is 30 mins but you will find it hard to find a tutor willing to travel to your home for one lesson less than 30 minutes long. (I often suggest 20 mins lessons between 3-7years old so that is usually added onto lessons with other children or the parent . )

My advice when it comes to buying an instrument at the start of your music tuition journey is to buy second hand . Charity shops or websites , including eBay, sell very good quality products at a fraction of the cost. A great time to buy is in January (people getting rid of old instruments as Christmas beckoned a new one for them) .

I often get my tutors to advise new start ups on good brands or makes as they are specialists in their instruments so you get up to date and tried and tested recommendations.