The beginning of a new year holds great promise. It provides an opportunity
for us to leave “in the past” any short comings and try again something new and to take it to a new level.
80% of new year resolutions fail in the first 3 months because the goals are unattainable: to lose weight, to become a grade 8 pianist in 6 months and so on.
If you take your time with music, really learn to love it and put the time and effort into practicing it, then music wont just be for the New year, but for life!
Our tutors are helpful in pacing your learning and will cater your learning to your style and wishes.
Music can give you so much joy and if you want happiness and creativity for your life or child in 2019 then taking music lessons is the thing to do, and to do now! Make attainable goals, like achieving grade 1 within a year of starting lessons, or just start with learning your favourite song. Try that for your new years resolution and see how it goes!