I started Key Lessons Ltd when I found that as a full time piano teacher I was at capacity but still wanted to make sure that these new enquiries were sent to competent tutors . You have to think. At the heart of what I do, I nurture a talent and a hunger for one of the most beautiful things in the world and I would be heart broken if I sent a new eager student to someone who killed their passion for music. Music is a gift and one that if we as teachers can nurture, is just such a wonderful thing . So I felt a huge responsibility to make sure that these new enquiries went to great tutors… and I knew plenty of great music teachers who could do just the job…but the new enquiries kept on coming and I didn’t know enough teachers to fill the available positions.

I started searching for tutors who had great qualifications , had DBS checks , amazing references but most of all had a passion for music and were also friendly and approachable by nature . You see, after nearly 2 decades of teaching piano, I know , when it comes to music lessons , a student works harder and is more invested in the lessons if they like the tutor and enjoys the time they spend with them . That’s obviously difficult when it comes to a teacher teaching a difficult subject, like exam prep(because it’s difficult and often stressful), but the right tutor still knows how to make that learning fun and the lessons engaging. That’s why for me , the passion for music and the friendly personality of established and reputable tutors has made Key Lessons Ltd a success .

Now Key Lessons represents over 300 students in the UK and is growing every year. It really is wonderful to be able to fill all these households with music!