So, you/ your child is a complete beginner in a new instrument and you need to buy the instrument . Should you buy the best that money can buy as an investment for life?! My answer, is a simple and resounding, NO!

If you are starting out in anything,  there is a chance that you may find after a few months that you don’t like it, don’t have the passion you thought you would for learning it or can’t find time for it… this is particularly so with children. I often get phone calls from parents who want to buy the instrument and so for keyboard lesson want to buy a piano, for guitar lessons want to buy a Fender and so on…

I started learning piano from the age of 7 and was only bought a piano from my parents when I was at grade 4. I really think this was a great thing- it taught me to appreciate the instrument and the thousands of pounds it costs to purchase one, as well as prove to my parents that I was really committed to the instrument. I later got to grade 8 and still have the same piano.

You will always need the instrument you are learning in your home – you will need to practice every day or few days and its always good to have your own so you get to know the instrument well. Ebay, Amazon and so many other websites are great for cheap or second hand instruments- that really is all you need. A great website for free things (including pianos on occasion!) is Freecycle. You have to be quick and watch out for what you want but I have seen pianos up for grabs, and all 100% free!

I would say that £30 is all you need for your first instrument and then the only way is up! Quite literally! Concert grand pianos sell for £150,000 plus so cherish the cheaper prices while you can!

If anyone is struggling to find the right instrument, just contact me and I can help you find what you need for your budget! Always happy to help!