I always say to people that music is a great way for you to meet people: whether you are young , old or in between, it is a great way to become more social and be more active!

Think about it: music is everywhere and it is universal.

Whether your’e in Japan and chatting to someone in a bar about the Beatles or in a choir and learning Haydn, music is an questionable force that bring people together.

The modern world is built around screens and entertainment and more and more I have found parents saying to me they find it hard to get their child out to socialise and be active. Going to a music club, a dance class or a drama group will encourage people to be more social and active and engage with each other. All of these examples need music at their core!

The other benefits also include learning about cultures, the arts and are a great way to grow in confidence as well as meet new people.

I have had a client for sometime now. A mother of two children who works full-time. She says she used to have music lessons when she was a child and got to a relatively good level but now she is an adult, she misses music. She has been having lessons for her children and for herself with the aim of joining the local orchestra. She has recently moved areas and wants to make friends who aren’t solely the other mothers at the school her children go to. After 6 months of lessons, she auditioned and now has a place in the orchestra. The whole family go to their shows and she has written to me numerous times to say that she is over the moon to have joined the orchestra- it gives her some time to herself within the week as well as a purpose and goal to work towards every week. She has also been fortunate enough to make lots of friends, from all walks of life and a huge variety of ages (including a flautist who is 70 years old!).

Here are some other ways that music makes you more social:

  • joining music clubs can make you meet people outside of work, school or immediate circle of friends.
  • learning music gives you something to talk about and can be a great conversation starter.
  • music gives you an opportunity to join a choir, orchestra, social media music groups etc
  • you can make friends at concerts
  • training in something gives you common ground with other peopleĀ  who are also learning the same or similar thing.


There are countless ways in which music can benefit your life and being more social is one of the top benefits so if you want to make some friends or improve on your social skills, why not get involved in music in some way, today!