Rubin had a 5 year old girl who really wanted to learn an instrument. His daughter had played with her cousins recorder and seemed to like it, so he decided, for her birthday ,to buy her a recorder and some lessons.

He contacted Key Lessons and we sent him a tutor who would make the lessons fun and exciting for his little girl.

Rubin’s daughter was very keen to learn but as she was very young, her concentration started to fade after about a 15 minute lesson. Rubin was determined for her to keep up with her lessons so the tutor involved sticker games and singing into the lesson to keep her interest for longer. It worked and her lesson ended up becoming a recorder and singing lesson (the Key Lessons tutor was a professional singer, recorder and clarinet tutor).

Rubin’s daughter seemed to love both instruments and so singing became very much part of her lessons. She started to learn nursery rhymes and sing them then play them on the recorder. This developed to Disney songs, then pop songs, and then progressively more difficult songs.

Rubin’s daughter was greatly musically gifted and she asked to perform at every family gathering that she could. She put on shows for her family where she would narrate, play the recorder, sing and sometimes act out scenes!

Rubin’s daughter turned 7 in 2018 and wants to audition for the school musical, which will be ‘Moana’. She has been having lessons to practice her audition song and wants to play the recorder in the audition.

She is daringly going to sing’ How Far I’ll Go’ , from the movie Moana itself! She decided to sing the first verse and chorus and then play the second verse on the recorder, then sing the chorus again!

Closer to the audition date Rubin’s daughter felt very nervous and practiced over and over again.

She attended the audition and got accepted into the musical and has been given the part of Moana! We were all overjoyed!

Rubin has said to Key Lessons that music has made such a difference in their lives and really made him see his daughter as a talented and gifted musician!

Rubin and his family will be attending the musical and have kindly invited the Key Lessons tutor to attend also which they have gladly accepted! We cannot wait to the video of her performance and wish her good luck on the night!


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