Yolanda was a 10 year old girl who asked her mother for music lessons one year. Her school provided group music lessons for the piano, recorder or guitar. Yolanda wasn’t too keen on either the piano or guitar so asked for lessons in the recorder.

She signed up to the school group lessons and found she really enjoyed learning the recorder. She had never had music lessons previously so this was all very new to her. Yolanda showed great promise from the start being the fastest to learn pieces in her class and memorized every piece the class was given. After a few lessons her tutor had noticed that she finished pieces quicker than everyone else in the class. Her tutor asked her to help others in her class who were struggling to learn the pieces, which she did. Yolanda did this for a few months but then complained to her mother that instead of learning she was assisting, and that she wanted to quit lessons.

Her mother then spoke to the school about having private lessons within school time for the recorder but there was a 6-month waiting list.

Not wanting to lose momentum she decided to look into private lessons elsewhere. Yolanda’s mum was very keen to have lessons at home and to be able to trial a tutor as she didn’t want to commit to any lessons before meeting the tutor.

Yolanda called Key Lessons and we provided her with a fun and energetic tutor who would inspire a young child to learn. With private lessons the tutor was able to focus solely on Yolanda’s learning style and she advanced in her musical knowledge and ability in leaps and bounds. Within just one month of tuition the tutor said she thought Yolanda could start preparing for her grade 1 if she wanted to pursue grades, which she did! She completed her grade 1 in just 6 months of lessons and now after 2 years of lessons is about to sit her grade 3! Yolanda has been keen to show her classmates what she has been learning and decided to play one of her grade 3 pieces to her classmates during a ‘show and tell’ class . Everyone was very impressed!

Yolanda is a great success story and we commend her for her achievements in music. Her dedication and persistence to learn has been an inspiration to us, her tutor and her classmates!


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