Lara took her son to the Wimbledon Village Fair for a family day out and stopped to watch a string quartet perform. Lara’s son showed an immediate interest in the Cellist. After the performance she asked the cellist if her son could have a go at playing the cello, to which the cellist kindly obliged. From that moment on Lara’s son begged his mother for cello lessons. Lara was unsure that a 6 year old could have cello lessons .

Lara approached Key Lessons in the hope that she could have a trial and have a tutor assess if her son could learn the cello. She also didn’t want to book a large block of lessons as her son was very quick at changing his mind and she didn’t want to book a tutor for lessons her son may not want to take!

Key Lessons provided a tutor suitable for a 6 year old beginner and advised Lara that she should look at getting a ¼ size cello. Unsure of where to purchase one from Key Lessons sent her several links to various reputable online suppliers of cellos and she bought a second-hand one. She only wanted to book a few lessons at a time just to see if his interest persisted. Key Lessons adapted each invoice for Lara to enable her to do this and within a few lessons her child was loving every lesson and his interest only increased.

It was decided that entering him for a grade 1 exam would be a good idea- to keep him focused and also challenge him. Lara’s son prepared well for the grade and was set to score highly. As this was his first ever exam he grew very nervous the day before the exam and on the day was shaking with nerves. The Key Lessons tutor went with them to the exam. The tutor tried to calm Lara’s son down with stories of when they had taken their exams and were in a similar position (Lavender oil and Rescue Remedy kids were used in abundance to help calm him down!)He went in to the examination room feeling a little more settled but came out saying that his hands were still shaking and he didn’t feel like he had done a good job. 3 weeks later the results came back and it was good news- he had passed! Knowing he had made mistakes where he usually didn’t, Lara’s son was now determined to do better at his next exam.

Two years on Laras’ son is still having lessons having completed his grade 2 exam (and passing with a merit!) and is now about to sit his grade 3 exam. A lovely story of personal growth and control over the things that hold you back!


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