Maria was a talented 8 year old girl who was having cello lessons at her school. After 2 years of lessons she had found that she was only just beginning her grade 1 examination preparation. Maria had been complaining to her mother that her teacher didn’t motivate her and she was getting bored of her lessons. She loved the cello still but wasn’t progressing the way she wanted to be. All her friends had achieved at least grade 2/3 and she knew she was capable of achieving it too.

Maria’s mother then started to seek private music lessons.

She approached Key Lessons and liked that you could trial tutors with no obligation. Finding the right tutor was priority for Maria and her mother so they didn’t want to feel pressured in taking on any tutor they weren’t 100% sure about.

Maria was sent someone who was young in their tutoring techniques and had a really positive outlook. Maria loved them from the trial lesson and her mother immediately booked 5 lessons. Maria told her mother she really liked the tutor because they gave her lots of homework!

Maria found that within 6 months she had progressed at a much faster speed than she had with her 2 years of school lessons and was finally ready to sit her grade 1. After passing that with a merit she quickly moved onto her grade 2 preparation and is now ready to sit that! The speed with which Maria has moved is tremendous and just shows the great passion she has for learning . She also has natural talent in abundance!

Maria has stated that she would be very interested in learning how to compose music. The tutor Key Lessons provided for Maria did a degree in Music Composition and so they have extended her length to accommodate 15 minutes every lesson with learning composition techniques and a writing task to review in next weeks lesson.

Maria has said that she would like to compose music for orchestras one day, and maybe for film or theatre! Currently she is focusing on taking her exams and practicing the art of music composition within her private lessons- it will certainly be exciting to see where she takes her talent and we at Key Lessons are extremely excited for her prospects and proud to have helped her along the way!


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