Maureen came to Key Lessons looking for trumpet lessons for her 11 year old son . He wanted to play in the school orchestra and had shown a lot of interest in the trumpet .

Not knowing where to buy one from or how difficult learning the instrument was, Key Lessons provided her with a trial lesson with an experienced tutor. In the trial the tutor explained what kind of trumpet they should buy (and recommended a few reputable companies with which to do so) and what to realistically expect when learning the trumpet. The tutor focused on making the lessons fun and engaging.

Maureen’s son was very pleased to continue with lessons after the trial and continued with lessons straight away.

Within a year of lessons, Maureen’s son felt ready to audition for the school orchestra. He had to perform one piece from memory and then sight read another for the audition.

He decided to perform Justin Beiber’s ‘Despacito’ in a fun trumpet-friendly rendition!

As sight-reading was a weak spot for Maureen’s son, the Key Lessons tutor set up a ‘boot camp’ style of sight reading lessons for him in the weeks before his audition. He had two lessons a week focusing mainly on sight- reading for three weeks.

To our delight he got admitted into the orchestra and has been playing with them for 2 years now.

Maureen’s son has been having consistent music lessons with Key Lessons for 4 years and still does to this day. He has been extremely vigilant at progressing up the grade system and was promoted to Principal Trumpeter in the school orchestra in 2018!

Maureen’s son told us that he went to see the Change of the Guards at Buckingham Palace to see the Royal Guards using trumpets. He decided he wanted to join something similar so Maureen started looking into local marching bands that he could join. They were successful in finding a local band that needed a new trumpeter.

Maureen’s son is currently preparing a lot of material for his audition . He is required to sight –read two pieces of music and play a selection of scales as well as perform a 2 minute piece from memory. He is also preparing for his grade 5 exam so is extremely busy!

Maureen’s son makes us very proud here at Key Lessons. He is always pushing boundaries and his comfort level to achieve more and more. We look forward to seeing what his next venture will be!


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