Steve’s 10 year old son showed passion for music from a very young age. Steve struggled to find him an appropriate music teacher as his son had been born with cystic fibrosis and was on the Autistic spectrum. He struggled to find a tutor who was able to adapt to the physical challenges cystic fibrosis had given his son and the patience and methods needed to teach someone who was autistic.

Steve’s son excelled at learning music. Steve had bought his son a piano on his 9th birthday and he had taught himself a huge repertoire of songs from watching online tutorials and learning from friends who played the piano. With this clear talent and passion for music, Steve sought professional music lessons.

Steve has considered lessons at his school, but he was not keen not to take his son in and out of academic lessons. Steve decided private lessons were the right route for them.

Steve had a tutor in mind that his neighbor was using for lessons but after the trial the tutor said he wasn’t able to take on his sons needs for the lessons.

Steve then called Key Lessons.

With specialized physical and learning disability tutors available, we booked Steve with a tutor who had taught many students with Cystic fibrosis and autism before. To say Steve’s son was excited for the trial is an understatement!! And his practice and love for music shone through at the trial and Steve immediately booked a block of lessons.

Steve’s son was a fantastic student- he practiced a lot and liked to get homework! Steve’s son asked his tutor if he could learn a song for the school End of Year concert . They spent a couple of months working on a song of his choice and then Steve’s son performed Coldplays’ ‘The Scientist’ at the school concert. He was full of nerves but he performed as if he was Chris Martin himself and received a standing ovation from his peers. He had been bitten by the performance bug and couldn’t wait for his next show!

Steve’s son asked to start preparing for his grade 1 exam as he saw it as a performance opportunity. He has been working towards his exam and will be sitting it at the next examination period .

Steve is also a regular performer at any of his school concerts and uses his performances as a practice for his exam !


Don’t hesitate to ask about the FREE TRIAL- it’s important to us to get you the right teacher, and it won’t cost you a penny to find them!

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