Sylvia was an 8 year old girl who had seen the movie ,‘Frozen’ and asked her mother for singing lessons. Sylvia had already started violin lessons at school but her progression was slow and she had lost motivation for the instrument. Sylvia’s mother could see her frustration with the violin and being so close to being entered for her grade 1 exam, didn’t want Sylvia to quit the instrument just yet. Sylvia and her mother came to an agreement that Sylvia could get singing lessons as long as she carried on with her violin lessons and at least completed her grade 1 exam. \

They searched for many months for a tutor who could teach violin and singing and with the energy that would keep an 8 year old child engaged. They were unsuccessful for 8 months until they spoke to Key Lessons. Key Lessons has several tutors who can teach many instruments and most are young, inspirational and motivated teachers.

Key Lessons provided Sylvia with the right tutor to match her needs. The first song on the list was of course, her favourite from Frozen- “Let It Go”.

Sylvia continued to get singing lessons and violin lessons and found a fresh burst of energy and enthusiasm towards the violin. Sylvia worked very hard towards achieving her grade 1 and was soon entered in for the exam with ABRSM. Sylvia was  very nervous just before the exam as this was her very first music exam and was shaking with nerves before it. Part of any ABRSM music exam includes aural tests- 2/4 of which include singing or are related to pitch. Sylvia felt really confident at that part due to her singing lessons and came out of the exam sure in she did well. And indeed she did- she scored 125 which is a solid  merit. Sylvia, much to her mothers shock, continued to work on her grades in the violin  and is now preparing to sit her grade 3 after scoring 128 in her grade 2 exam.

She is now a very active member in her school orchestra also, gladly performing solos and wishes to continue. She has continued with singing lessons also and has enrolled in a Performing Arts course at the weekends and is loving meeting other like minded and talented people like herself!


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