Veronica’s daughter had always loved singing. From watching Disney films and musicals as a child, she had always loved to re-enact her favourite scenes and sing her favourite songs to the top of her lungs.

When her daughter was old enough, she auditioned to be in the school choir. She got in and her love for singing grew everyday.

The school policy was that every year every student had to audition to get in to the choir- even existing choir members.

Other choir members were getting singing lessons and she felt worried that she wouldn’t be good enough to get into the choir for a second year running. She was aware that she ran out of breath quicker than everyone else and found it hard to reach and maintain higher notes.

Veronica got in touch with Key Lessons and we sent her a singing tutor who had experience performing. The tutor saw straight away that Veronica’s daughters technique was not very strong and worked on strengthening her diaphragm and working on the issues she had faced . After months of lessons the strength of her diaphragm improved and this allowed her to propel herself to higher notes, maintain them and sing them for longer.

The tutor helped her to prepare an audition song using these new techniques .

They chose to sing “Colours of the wind” from the Disney movie Pocahontas. This is a very difficult song and so was a great challenge to Veronica’s daughter.

At the audition, she sang her song and much to everyones surprise, received a standing ovation from the choir master and music teacher (the judging panel). She was applauded for her bravery in attempting such a difficult piece and it was noted that her skill as a singer had developed greatly. That kind of commitment to singing really impressed the choir master.

Since then she has had many solos and is hoping to get a place in the school musical. For this she will need to audition but she is not worried about that any more! Veronica’s daughter has real talent and has even said she wants to be a singer when she grows up ! We wish her all the best of luck!


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